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Every Perk in the Game

At Quakecon 2018, we were shown more gameplay of Fallout 76. They also showed off a ton of new perks. See our full list of all known perks in the game so far.

New Details from Quakecon 2018

With all the new information on Fallout 76, we decided to provide a full list of all new information on the game from Quakecon 2018.

About Us

Vault 76 Community:


Vault 76 is a community Discord for all things Fallout 76. Our focus is to create a Positive and Resourceful Community were people can express there feelings and discuss the game. Meet other players and much more, Including (but not limited to):


- Factions / Faction Promotion

- Organized Chat Discussions

- Roleplay / Text RP

- Accurate News / Updates

- Friendly Staff / Community

- Always updating

Building Community:

Our main tool for the community is the Discord and our Forum on Reddit. with many channels and resources to help players connect and get up to date info. Chat and much more! Building a strong and Positive community is what we strive for to make a safe and fun environment for all!!

Future Features:

This Website will be a HUB of all Fallout 76 information and news.
We plan on Running many Private Role play servers for Fallout 76. Using the Website and Discord to connect all players and keep the game new and exciting!!!


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